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The venue carefully restores the classic courses from “American Ninja Warrior” and “TBS SASUKE. Spawls over 18,000 square feet with 3 courses and almost 20 obstacles of different difficulty.


There are 3 levels of difficulties

Playground Game

Obstacles include:

Physical Challenge

Obstacles include:

Top Competition

Obstacles include:

The obstacles will be changed from time to time, allowing the extreme physical athletes to continue to reach new heights.
The playground obstacle courses are suitable for participants over 8 years old.

Playground Game

Climbing wall acrylic

Kids soft play

Parkour steps

Horizontal tube net

Physical Challenge

Steps Ascending

Sea of Balls

Rope Swing to Cargo Net

Plank Traverse

Hanging Doors

Warped wall

Top Competition

Tilting ladder

Wind nuts

Warped Walls

Island hops Ascending

Flying bar

Traverse peg board

Ring Slider

Sea of Balls


Climb from rope to rope, holding onto the ropes or gripping the higher balls while using your feet to grip the lower balls and support your weight. participants may utilize the swinging motion to complete the obstacle courses. This course requires participants to utilize both upper and lower body strength and the skill of “swinging” to complete.

Flying bar


Challenging the flying bar requires strong physical upper body strength and muscle coordination. The 1st step is to grab onto the Flying Bar using a switch grip, and the next step is to generate momentum by kicking your legs up in front of you, but stay in control, so that the bar doesn’t come out of the cradle. While on the forward upswing, pull yourself forward, while holding on the bar, and let the momentum carry you to the next cradle. .

Wing nuts


The Wingnuts are a Ninja Warrior obstacle, where the competitors hang from a ledge in the shape of a wingnut and must swing sidewards to jump to and grab the next ledge.
The Wingnuts require precise timing and an excellent feeling for how strong to swing and when to release.
Mastering the Wingnuts is all about releasing at the right moment. You want to release at the perfect launching point when your momentum is up and sidewards. So, don’t release too early or at the apex of your swinging motion. .

The Facilities of Ninja Force


The reception where participants administrate registration before entering the obstacle courses. Toilets, shower facilities and changing rooms are available at the venue.


The kiosk where there are snacks, drinks, and gloves provided for sale.

Rest room & locker room

Resting and Locker room where participants can come in-door to take a break.

A spacious viewing terrace is situated on the second floor of the venue.
Participants can party and spectate the Ninja Warrior challenging the obstacle courses over the top.

The first & biggest outdoor Ninja Warrior Training facility in Hong Kong! We combined fun yet challenging obstacles to push your bodies to the limit.

Contact Details

Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong

+852 5720 9932

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