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1) Information We Collect

1.1 We collect both personal and non-personal information from you. When we use the term “personal information,” we mean information that is associated with your name.

2) Information you provide to us 

2.1 When you sign up for any session on the Ninja Force website, you provide us with your name, e-mail address, and some other information such as your gender and date of birth. In some cases, due to security and health, and safety reasons, we may ask for additional information from you.  

2.2 Transaction Information: We may retain the details of transactions or payments you make on the Ninja Force Website as references.

2.3 Information we collect when you interact with the Ninja Force website: We keep track of the site activity actions you take on the Ninja Force website. In some cases, you are also taking an action when you provide information or content to us.

2.4 Access Device and Browser Information: When you access the Ninja Force website from a computer, mobile phone, or other devices, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, location, and IP address.

2.5 Cookie Information: To make the Ninja Force website easier to use, to make your search more desirable, to improve our advertising, and to protect both you and Ninja Force, we use “cookies” (small data files we store for an extended period of time on your computer, mobile device, or other devices). You can use the browser’s options to delete or block cookies if you’d like.

3) How We Secure Your Information

3.1 We take steps that are reasonable and appropriate to protect your information from unauthorized access and disclosure and to help keep it secure. Even while we take reasonable precautions to safeguard our information, no security system is perfect, so we can’t guarantee that it will always be secure. As a result, you shouldn’t expect your information will be secure in all circumstances.

4) How We Use Your Information

We use the information we collect to try to provide a secure, efficient, and customized experience. Here are some specifics on how we go about doing that:

4.1 To oversee the service We utilize the data we gather to deliver our services and features to you, evaluate and enhance those services and features and offer customer service. We employ the data to stop possibly unlawful acts. For instance, we need your date of birth to confirm that you are older than 18 and to restrict your access to inappropriate information further. Some functions may occasionally be temporarily or permanently suspended or terminated for some users due to maintenance.

4.2. To contact you. We may contact you with service-related announcements from time to time.

4.3. To serve personalized advertising to you. We don’t share your information with advertisers without your consent.

5) Other Terms

5.1. Changes to the Privacy Policy. 

By publishing the updated privacy policy on our website, we reserve the right to amend or change this policy at any time. Unless we specifically state otherwise, material changes will only apply to information we have already collected as of the change’s effective date.

5.2. Consent to Collection and Processing in Hong Kong: By agreeing on the terms and conditions, you consent to have your personal data transferred to and processed in Hong Kong.

5.3. Defined Terms. “Us,” “we,” “our,” and “Ninja Force” mean the same as they do in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. “Information” and “content” are used more generally and interchangeably here than in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities unless otherwise limited by the context.

6) How We Communicate with You

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us by email at Ninjaforce.hk@gmail.com or by phone by calling +852 5720 9932 You may also write to us at:

Kam Tin Shui Mei Tsuen 

DD107 Lot1456

Yuen Long Hong Kong 

If we need or are required, to contact you concerning any event that involves your information, we may do so by e-mail, telephone, or mail.

1) 我們收集的資訊

我們會從您收集個人和非個人資訊。 當我們使用“個人資訊”一詞時,我們指的是與您的姓名相關的資訊。

2) 您提供給我們的資訊

2.1 當您在 Ninja Force 網站上註冊參加任何時,您會向我們提供您的姓名、電子郵件地址和一些其他資訊,例如您的性別和出生日期。 在某些情況下,出於安全和健康與安全原因,我們可能會要求您提供更多資訊。

2.2 交易資訊 :我們可能會保留您在 Ninja Force 網站上進行的交易或付款的詳細資訊作為參考。

2.3 我們在您與 Ninja Force 網站互動時收集的資訊:我們會收集您在 Ninja Force 網站上進行的網站活動操作的資訊。 在某些情況下,當您向我們提供資訊或內容時,您也會採取行動。

2.4 訪問設備和瀏覽器資訊:當您從計算機、手機或其他設備訪問 Ninja Force 網站時,我們可能會從該設備收集有關您的瀏覽器類型、位置和 IP 地址的資訊。

2.5 Cookie 資訊:為了使 Ninja Force 網站更易於使用,使您的搜索更理想,改善我們的廣告,並保護您和 Ninja Force,我們使用“cookies”(我們存儲的小數據文件以延長 在您的計算機、移動設備或其他設備上的時間段)。 如果您願意,您可以使用瀏覽器的選項來刪除或阻止 cookie。

 3) 我們如何保護您的資訊

 3.1) 我們採取合理和適當的措施來保護您的資訊免遭未經授權的訪問和披露,並幫助確保其安全。 儘管我們採取了合理的預防措施來保護我們所擁有的資訊,但沒有任何安全系統是完美的,因此我們不能保證它永遠是安全的。 因此,您不應期望您的資訊在所有情況下都是安全的。

 4) 我們如何使用您的資訊

 我們使用我們收集的資訊來嘗試提供安全、高效和定制的體驗。 以下是我們如何做到這一點的一些細節:

 4.1 我們利用收集到的數據向您提供我們的服務和功能,評估和增強這些服務和功能,並提供客戶服務。 我們也會使用這些數據來阻止可能的非法行為。 例如,我們需要您的出生日期來確認您已年滿 18 歲,並進一步限制您訪問不當信息。 由於維護,某些功能可能偶爾會暫時或永久暫停或終止某些用戶。

 4.2. 與您聯繫:我們可能會不時就服務相關公告與您聯繫。

 4.3. 為您提供個性化廣告:未經您的同意,我們不會與廣告商共享您的資訊。

 5) 其他條款

 5.1。 隱私政策的更改 : 通過在我們的網站上發布更新的隱私政策,我們保留隨時修改或更改此政策的權利。 除非我們另有明確說明,否則重大變更將僅適用於我們在變更生效日期已收集的信息。

 5.2. 同意在香港收集和處理:同意條款和條件,即表示您同意將您的個人數據轉移到香港並在香港處理。

 5.3. 定義的術語:  “我們”、“我們的”和“Ninja Force ”的含義與權利和責任聲明中的含義相同。 除非上下文另有限制,否則“4.3. 為您提供個性化廣告。 未經您的同意,我們不會與廣告商共享您的信息。

 5.3. 定義的術語。  “我們”、“我們”、“我們的”和“忍者力量”的含義與權利和責任聲明中的含義相同。 除非上下文另有限制,否則“資訊”和“內容”在此處的使用比在權利和責任聲明中更普遍和可互換使用。

6)  我們如何與您溝通

 如果您對我們的隱私政策有任何疑問,您可以發送電子郵件至 Ninjaforce.hk@gmail.com 或致電 +852 5720 9932 聯繫我們。您也可以寫信給我們:


 DD107 Lot1456

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